Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is WiFi safe?

Wireless communication is increasingly being used everywhere today – in homes, offices and public places. Some of the common wireless devices that can be found in the home, office and school are: wireless PC network or broadband routers, wireless local area networks (wLAN, or Wi-fi), wireless home entertainment networks, certain wireless burglar alarm systems, DECT (digitally enhanced cordless telephones), wireless interactive whiteboards and paging systems.

These devices or appliance operate in a way very similar to mobile phones, operating in the microwave spectrum between 900MHz and 2.4Hz. They are designed to be short-range local communications devices to avoid wired connections.

In recent years, concerns have especially been raised over Wi-fi installation. Like mobile phones, Wi-fi is an untested technology – meaning it hasn’t yet been proven safe for us. As with other toxins like tobacco and asbestos, accepted proof of its dangers can take years, even decades. It is thus prudent to take precautions.

Evidence is emerging that the health hazards associated with wireless microwave are at least comparable to, if not worse than, those associated with cigarette smoking. Unlike cigarette smoking, passive involuntary exposure to microwaves, which produce electromagnetic radiation, is hard to avoid if Wi-fi becomes common everywhere.

The bad news is, we’re all now drowning in a sea of microwaves because Wi-fi technology is now taking the world by storm. In fact, its use is said to have gone out of control worldwide. It is now feared that wireless communication networks may become the “asbestos of the 21st century”.

Why is Wi-fi potentially bad for health and why should we be concerned with its use? What are its effects on children? What are the repercussions of this technology?


JAZEVOX said...

i HOPE wi-fi effects on people wont be anything as terrible like brain damage or cancer!

titian blog serumpun said...

translate gik melayu kat rawatan kesihatan..menarik ni...

Rosli said...

So what is the alternative to WiFi. In today's world, wifi is a thing that been used extensively. Need yr opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wi-fi doesn't use microwaves, it uses radio waves which are lower frequency. Radio waves with low amplitude as those found in WiFi access points do not have enough energy to cause harm to living beings.

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