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Colour Vibration Therapy (CVT) is a relatively new but dynamic and promising form of complementary medicine being developed right here in Malaysia. This form of therapy was pioneered by Prof. Dr. Sir Norhisham who has conducted numerous researches into traditional medicine which focuses on patient’s lifestyle.

He researched the connection between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect of the human body and deduced that all forms in the universe can be represented by a single frequency which can be measured, copied and used in any manner imaginable.While conventional medicine focuses on destroying a disease, the CVT treatment uses formulae that are embodied by simple concepts of light and sound vibration that allows the body to process the necessary enzymes and amino acids needed to aid troubled cells.

CVT should also not even be considered a cure as the real cure of illnesses and/or diseases lies within our often toxicated bodies. CVT activates these cures by creating balance and harmony in the body’s overall well-being.It helps find the point of balance in the cell or organ and returns the original energy into it.

In actual fact, all formulae derived from CVT should not be considered as medicine for the taking. The use of specific frequencies means that each part of the body can be targeted separately for treatment.

The CVT formulae used in the therapy is 100 percent free of chemicals or active ingredients that could eventually lead to poisoning or toxicity within the body. It does not use any ingredients originating from animals either.

Aromatherapy Seri Wajah

Seri Wajah (SW) is the best Aromatherapy Essence available for general well-being. The essence combines light and sound vibration to provide stability and creating a balance in our cells and body.

This will help improve our immune system which can affects us on all levels i.e. spiritually, emotional, mentally and physically. Used frequently and positively, it has a profound healing effect.

It is our intention to provide safe, convenient and effective high quality products to allow individual to release discordant energies and produce harmony for the mind, body and spirit.
Aromatherapy is a powerful healing tool because our sense of smell is directly linked through the olfactory gland to our brain and central nervous system.

Seri Wajah (SW) continuously will have the following effect depending on individual:
  1. Promotes a sense of inner peace.
  2. Clears the mind and aid concentration.
  3. Soothes anger and irritability.
  4. Refreshing and uplifting.
  5. Stimulate creativity and intuition.
  6. Evokes a sense of inspiration.
  7. Balance the body and mind.
  8. Lifts the spirit.
  9. Reduce stress.
  10. Quickly rejuvenates your mind.
  11. Clear stagnant energy / negative energy
  12. Eases nervous tension and anxiety.
  13. Provides a peace of mind and emotional balance.


For bathing one or two drops of SW into a bathing tub or
Wet face with cold water and used one or two drops of SW to wipe your face, ears and head. (Most effective with ice-water)

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