Monday, April 30, 2007

Antibiotic? We are also biotic!

Undeny that weak organs or the diseased area exist some bacterium breed uncontrollable. But this bacterium is not the cause of disease. In our body they are living bacteria carry task in harmony over natural ecosystem of the body. When organ are healthy, bacteria population is controlled. Bacterium absence in some organ will bring about unfairness heal function organs.

When the organ is weak, it will be disturbed natural biotics’ habitat which lives in the organ. It will cause the biotic breed uncontrollable either the population will increase or ruined and dominate by unbeneficial miasma in the organ (miasma is combination of some bacteria).

Several biotic in the intestines help digestion system and absorption of nutreants within intestines. Beneficial bacterium made it called as “probiotic”. Every organs in our body is also has probiotic.

From the intial stage of Classic Medical (allopathic medicine) research when there was disease, these must be some bacteria in the pain area. Therefore, they formulate that the disease is caused by bacteria. From the presumption, they have created and develop antibiotics material. This material are still practicing and used until this day although modern science have found that the cause of the disease are not mearly becaused by bacteria. Recruitment of antibiotics is unhelpful remedial instead only destroying biotics that lives in weak organ or diseased area.

Certain antibiotics would destroy only a certain biotics. Antibitics will destroying all involved biotic totally. Destruction of biotics in organ will bring about unfairness and disharmony in the organ. Diseased of organ can’t be cured by the destruction of biotic on the other hand will couse harmful. Organ wills recover speedly through tissue growth by the flow of energy. This is because of the uncontrollable biotics activity. Nevertheless, not all tissues will be built due absence of biotic.

Bacteria have a capacity to fight antibiotic taken. Bacteria can create its own antibody and breed with more impenetrable genetic. Some of bacteria can adapt and mutate in order to be antibiotic immune bacteria. Antibiotic take in scheduled or not follow dosage prescribed will cause bacteria involved become more dangerous and can create new disease.

The danger of antibiotik recruitment is;
1. Antibiotic could destroy cell in our body.
2. Antibiotic also destroys probiotic.
3. Error preskipsi could harmfull.
4. If recruitment are not following dosage prescribed would create new disease.
It is better if patient should not take antibiotik instead we should create probiotic which could act as biological control for uncontrollable bacteria. It is better if were do potentization for cell in the organ so organ can build suitably habitat to bacteria growth in controlled. Biotic is very important against us and can’t be destroyed.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blood donation is unneccessary

Blood contain DNA thus blood are living cells. Blood is very important in our life. When we estract healthy blood in big quantity, it would affect body health. Blood donation is something unnecessary.

There is technique where by toxic bloods are excreted out of the body as an effective method for health. It called “cupping”. Menstruation in on women is also discharging blood not required by the body. These types of bloods can’t be donated. Blood donated must be healthy blood. These bloods are taken from anterius which have been programmed for body system. If the programmed bloods has been taken of out, it would disturb the entire body system.

Besides transporting nutrient materials and wastes, blood also supply vibration to every cell in every organ. Blood hemodylisis violates the process.

DNA can identify all the information of the body through which the person can be recognized. It can also be combined and influence DNA of other person. Blood receivers accept foreign DNA and the person who receives foreign blood will feel little confusion in their personality. They will be carried away new character they never undergone. If character of the donor is negative, then receivers have potential to be influenced by the negative character. Lucky enough if the receiver gets blood from donor who possesses positive character. But, customary receiver does not know or questioned on his donor. Every human is very unique and got different personality. Although the donors are very kind person, but their personality are enot congruent to the receiver.

Blood taken out from body effect nervous system because during the process nutrient and oxygen be issued coupled with blood. Donor may experience problems lack of oxygen, fatigue and headache. Donated blood above once could cause donor experience the problems of nerve and fatigue.

Bashah, Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia.

Much risk than good if we do blood donation. In 1999, one case in Jitra Kedah, Malaysia a patient accepted blood infected by HIV.

The 47-year-old housewife (Bashah) was admitted to the Jitra Hospital on April 28 for excessive menstrual bleeding.
She was given two pints of blood the following day.
On May 8, a blood test showed she was HIV positive.
When asked to commment on the Malaysian government's apology, Mr Halim (her husband) said it was difficult to accept the apology.(Local News in Malaysia)

In cases if there is no need for operation, then idea to ask public to donate blood would not. Classic Medical’s (allopathic medicine) philosophy regards human machine or thing with out spirit, emotion and mind. Luckly not all of Classic Medical practitioners practice this philosophy.

Very rerely, blood infusion is very necessary such as accident victim. If so the need is not in big volume, therefore, donor need not too much bloods. There are other alternative to overcome blood essential problem in some individual.
1. Acupuncture surgery technique could constrain bloodshed problem and send blood to the whole body by making alternative flow.
2. Potentization Technique (Give energy for potential cell) for cell which can petrify bone to produce natural blood supply.

This cartoon below shout not been drown

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quickest, safest, sharpest, cheapest, purest method of diagnosis

There are more methods safer and more effective to detect disease other than hurting or harmful to patient. For example Applied Kinesiology and Crystal Pendulum use the best method. Applied Kinesiology is dominating more than 50% by alternative practitioners while Crystal Pendulum used is more 70%

Blood and urine test need long period to get the report and it not 100% reliable. Applied Kinesiology and Crystal Pendulum are safe methods which do not hurt patients. These methods are very precise and produce quick results.

Patient comes to see practitioner with hopes. Several Classic medical (allopathic medical) practitioner only ask on symptoms then proposed drugs without sympathy and affection to the patients. Applied Kinesiology entails focus and calmness first before diagnosis process. Amount of respect and love would help fluency process of diagnosis. This method sincerity between practitioner and patient. When the patient is touched in the right part (not sensitive part) then patients would feel they are give attention. This interaction is an early healing process to all illnesses.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Method of detecting or diagnosing diseases

Several of Classic Medical (allopathic medicine) practitioner using very unsuitable to detect disease. They use blood and urine to detect disease. They also grope and touch sensitive part of the body which can be degrading patients. Equipments designed claimed as sophisticated to detect diseases in fact (most of it) will only harm patients.

Rectum diagnosis to detect prostate cancer.

Colonscopy Tecnique

Right Figure ia Colon with bad condition
Left figure is Colon with health

It is sufficiently enough if the doctor to ask symptoms or hear complaints from the patients. Doctor should not poke rectum part (usually to detect prostat cancer) or survey genitals part to gain certainty about the disease. Actually touching the sensitive part will not help towards remedial or discover of disease in accuracy.

It something very unethical in the medical world, the “Classic Medical” hurt patients and cause bloodsheds merely to get blood for tests. Use urine and faeces are very dirty whereas the revenue is not-so accurate.

Sphygmomanometer or mercury manometer (instrumentation to measure blood pressure) is something that is not sensible because blood pressure is influenced by patient’s feelings during the process of diagnose. Therefore, the usage of this instruments is inaccurate. Only the expert and experienced practitioner can achive the best resolt.

The use of x-ray is something of high risk and harmful because the radiation can damage body's tissues. No matter how patient’s injury, method used predicted to detect sick using radio wave or radiation wave is very dangerous and unacceptable. Using beams or waves which is not within the natural body range will only harm our body.

Enough once to know the existing of fetus by using ultra sound. They is no any benefit at all to know the health state in the fetus. If any fault is discovered through the observation, nothing can be done to help. Example, if the baby is disabled, then there are no medicine for the treatment. Pregnant mother’s would only be emotionally disrupted and yet the possibility that the observation accuracy is uncertain. Moreover there is no purpose to know gender in of the fetus and it is much prohibited.

This situation below can be avoided
if we treat patients sincerely

Most of “Classic Medical” practitioner depend entirely on patient’s complaint to detect disease. Symptom complained patients are something inaccurate. Patient do not understand disease, as such patient could not tell symptom state undeceive. Dependence to complaint symptom will cause big mistake during treatment process.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cause Of The Disease Philosophy

Studies and observations revenue scientifically for few decades development from early studies, leads to a cause of the conclusion of the disease in medical philosophical of modern alternative medicine of Color Vibration Therapy. In this philosophy the cause of the disease would be answered and the solution given short cut is making it very simple and impressive, God Willing.

The cause of the disease in fact originates from the collapse of human moral. Explanation of this philosophy is understandable over the information in the law of equilibrium. All cells in our body are not usually thinking to do jobs follow the law of nature. How efficient think depends fully on the calmness, patient’s sincerity and good wills. Lacking either of this would then weaken cell activities. This led to disturbed cellular activities. Cell death of cell would weaken tissues to and deteriorate organ function.

Organ in fact commensurate with our character. Health of state of organ inside the body actually influences the state of character. Character is influenced by thinking power. If we are thinking negatively then it will show negative character. This character will determine the healthiness of the organ involved.

Thinking negatively although in a small degree will cause function in organ disturbed. Thus in fact, collapse in morally actual is the cause of disease. Therefore, the method of detects and identifying diseases and method of treatment must be in reference to the philosophy the root cause of the disease that is "disease originates from the collapse of human morality".

Friday, April 20, 2007

Actual Fact of Diesease Definition

Classic Medical (allopathic medicine) regard the disease caused by virus infection, nutrient deficiency, gland failure to produce enzyme, organ failure secreted hormone when “imitation antique treatment” failed in finding the cause of the disease, finally they claimed that disease is caused by genetic factor (blame our parents).

Cancer is believed attributed by carcinogenetic (or material influence DNA and RNA alteration in nucleus cell). Emotional disturbance disease also assumed to have been caused by environmental factor. Do you know, patient experience spiritual disruption, but they believe "only mincing" (a litigation who looks trivial for seriousness patient in facing suffering).

The perception is too fanatical and extreme. Every reason drove above actually were not the cause of the disease. We need certain bacteria (miasma) in some organs or part of the body as they were beneficial miasmas to carry out its function in body’s ecosystem. Nutrients deficiency is not the cause of disease. In fact we should reduce the intake of balanced nutrients content the body. In fact nutrients excess would only burden some organs. Glands or organs failure to secret enzymes and hormones actually caused by character and thinking factor, not because weak or failing of the glands. Genetic is not the cause of disease factor, it is just inherit disease and the probability for pain or illness would decrease is cure high after treat. Factor that caused cancer is the basic attitudes of the patient that need to be investigated and it can be explained scientifically. Cancer is it not caused by chemical factor only. Recently, they succeed in discovering cancer the cause phenomenon, but unfortunately they still did not find root cause of cancer (that is the cause of carcinogen).

Several of them presumptuous without adequate knowledge from of all angles. They made interpretations by logical thinking. They think that human is mass merely. Whereas to stark truth is the human is not just purely physical but comply with spirit, mind, and emotion. Wrong definition of the disease will result in not to discover the real methods of treatment. Wrong definition of disease rendered the some of “Classic Medical” void, not relevance, limited, found dead end could cause danger, loss, threat, tyranny and abuse on human.

All of it is because they do not want to go out of the shell of philosophy that they hold dogmatically. They do not want to go out from logical thinking regard this body is mass merely but also have spirit, mind and emotion. We are very lucky because some of them realize the truth this and their ideas are exposed to the most medical world main referral, Journal of Amarica Medical Assosiate (JAMA).

In fact in person and body we are not mass merely, we also consisted of 'time' divided into the mind and echo. With our mind we can talk in the heart or intention, have emotional vibrations or love, which enable us to think and react against stimulation the law of equilibrium. With echo, we energized the sub atom combination form atoms and molecular bonds to arrange its DNA in the cells that will govern and determine cell’s activity further the function of tissues organs of the body helps to officiate proportionately. Time in our body always need to be renewed because it is always oozing or lost. Lost of time, caused unbalanced in space because space + time = mass. Scientifically, this is the cause of the disease, argument that is elaborated from the “cause of the disease philosophy”.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Allopathic never wins in debate, so far

"They (Classic Medicine) never wins in any debate (on treating illnesses) with alternative medicines since it was held inaugural every year until to this day" - Prof Emeritus Dr. Sir Norhisham Wahab, founder of most modern medicine, Color Vibration Therapy.

Many people have been misleading and swindled with methods of allopathic treatment. Most of them already presume that allopathic treatment as faith, hospital as religious place, their medicines considered miraculous amulet and doctor as God with healing power. On full sense sympathy, sincere and responsibility, I then with full confident and dare to fight to set up the truth by writing within this blog. This blog will discuss over fraud, threat, loss, side-effects, danger, threat, cruelty, stupidity allopathic treatment and its alternative.

They called themselves modern treatments. Thence, conferences and lectures begin to talk who they really are. In fact all kind of treatments are the same, the only difference is the method and philosophy practiced. As they dominate medical world, then they are the orthodox medicines. But in some countries in the northern Europe and North America, their medicine is no orthodox there. More than 55% of the people there practice alternative medicines. Then discussions continued to study and identify who they really are.

For the rest, they will be dubbed as conventional treatment, but gradually, they became blocked in efforts to treat illnesses until they are no longer conventional. Best means to know who they are, is by studying their knowledge and philosophy. At last, deadlock of who they are is expressible when their treatments meet dead end. In fact they are maintaining original philosophy for definition and methods of treatment. These philosophies do not accept new knowledge or new discovery but continued to be practiced until far deflected from the reality of the world today. According to their philosophy which (they believe as 'following ethic') then only “Classic Medical” is the only eligible term for them. Luckily, they can accept that terminology. So, it give me more comfortables to continue discussion on this interesting fact.

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